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Get The Look: Scarlett Johansson’s Chic First Trimester Style

PUBLISHED ON 03/19/2014

Much like her fellow mama-to-be (who's about seven months ahead of her), Kerry Washington, freshly pregnant A-lister Scarlett Johannson has women everywhere rethinking maternity fashion. ScarJo recently stepped out at the Captain America: The Winter Solider premiere on St. Patrick's Day sporting a tailored Michael Kors suit with a cigarette-style pant and a light, draped jacket. To keep the scarlet look from feeling too matchy-matchy, she wore a loose-fitted black blouse underneath, tactfully hiding her growing bump while still looking like the style goddess she is.

Her look is yet again another wake-up call to women who think that maternity fashion is frumpy: In ScarJo's case, and for every woman who is in her first trimester, perfection in the style realm is not hard to come by — and especially not hard to wear. Her all-over loose-fit maternity outfit actually highlights her changing figure while simultaneously downplaying her bump. And even though it probably took some planning, the look comes off as effortless and a happy medium somewhere between high-end and wear-to-work. It's an outfit choice we'd suggest any mom-to-be in the early days of her pregnancy copy — so we went ahead and did it!

Here's how to get ScarJo's sexy suit-and-blouse combo.

Mastering the blazer:

Each of these loose-knit blazers leave plenty of room to grow (which you'll need). If you like to keep things basic, try one of the black looks (on either side), or if you want a bolder take, try the pink (in the middle). You'll turn heads, plus it's a pleasant reminder spring is on its way (we hope!).

From left to right: Cascade Bi-stretch Suiting Maternity Jacket, $45; 1 Button Closure Maternity Jacket, $50; Open Front Ponte Maternity Jacket, $138.

Picking the blouse:

Scarlett chose a black, loose-fitting blouse to wear under her blazer, so we took a cue from her and picked something similar. These two different looks fit relatively similarly, while one provides more coverage and a feminine shape (on the left), while the other fits more like a cami and you can wear whenever you're feeling your most sensual. To dial back on the sex appeal, wear a fitted cami underneath with full-coverage.

From left to right: ASOS Maternity Exclusive Sleeveless Top With Asymmetric Pleat, $47; New Look Maternity Crepe V Neck Cami, $19.

Working the pants:

She might not be wearing trouser pants, but the fit of Scarlett's cigarette-style pant is pretty similar. These loose-fitting fabric bottoms are basically like a glorified jogging pant, or a hybrid of sweatpants-meet-work-pants-meet-leggings — and they're everything they're cracked up to be (and then some!). Most come with an elastic waist (like the pair on the right), so don't feel like you have to immediately go out and buy a maternity fit. You can probably get away with your normal size for most of your first trimester. Worn with a pair of heels or loafers (like on the left), they're business casual and fabulous.

From left to right: Maternity Cuff Jogger Trousers, $80; Jogging Pants With Zips, $80.

What's your favorite maternity style?