This Grandpa's Hilarious Babysitting Bloopers Are Going Viral

From struggling to use the toaster to forgetting his grandson's backpack, one mom highlights the humorous moments that ensued while her dad watched her son during her babymoon.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published February 23, 2023

Grandparents have always played a special role in the lives of their grandchildren. They offer love, support and perhaps most importantly these days—free babysitting. While babysitting is an ideal way for grandparents to bond with their grandkids—and is even good for their health—sometimes it proves to be a bit more challenging than expected. This fact was recently captured in a now-viral TikTok video by user @almostmakesperfect.

The video begins with the mom, Molly, and dad, Gideon, enjoying a beach vacation while her father watches their son. The words “How to have a relaxing babymoon…don’t ask your dad to babysit” flash on the screen, setting the tone for what’s to come.

The video then shows a series of text messages, security camera footage and photos that detail the hilarious outtakes that occurred while the grandpa was in charge. From struggling to use the toaster to forgetting his grandson’s backpack and “drinking on the job,” Molly jokes that “never again” will she let her dad babysit.

The video struck a chord with many parents, who shared their own stories in the comments. One user wrote, “My dad once packed my daughter’s lunch with a can of Coke and a spoon.” Another shared, “I asked my FIL for a pic of my baby so he sent me a pic that I sent him of her last week.”

Despite the humorous mishaps, the video also showcases the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. One user wrote, “This is sweet. Don’t be stressed, your kid will remember amazing times with grandpa.” Another echoed, “Kid had the best week of his life and will remember it forever.”

Videos like this prove to be a special reminder that while grandparents may not get things right every time (plot twist: they’re humans, too), their love and presence in their grandchildren’s lives are priceless. Still a little nervous about leaving your child with your parents, or any babysitter for that matter? Consider going over this short list of top safety tips with them and having an open conversation about your expectations.

Now go enjoy your night off!

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