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For Dinner Tonight: Grilled Caesar Salad

PUBLISHED ON 05/19/2013

If Mother Nature ever decides to give us what we want (spring! summer! temperatures above 65!), we've got the perfect recipe for your grillin' and chillin' Sunday night. We know that you can whip up some mean burgers and 'dogs on the grill, but tonight we're in the mood for something a little less commercial and a little more special. After all, we're looking at a summer full of backyard fiestas, cook-outs, barbeques, get-togethers and more! So whattaya say we add a little adventure to the menu tonight?

This gorgeous Grilled Caesar Salad is refreshing, flavorful and 100 percent original — we didn't think it was possible, either, until we saw the menu! To punch up the flavor opportunities, you can add chicken, shrimp, salmon or flank steak to your salad — or make a salad bar where everyone can add their own toppings. And for those of you who had never before thought to grill an avocado — consider your mind blown!

Time to try it out! Head on over to to get details on what you'll need to make this smoky and satisfying recipe!

Do you get adventurous with your grill?

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