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Happy National Princess Week! 10 of the Cutest Little Princesses Ever

PUBLISHED ON 04/25/2015

Fittingly sponsored by dame Julie Andrews, we're in the midst of the fourth annual  National Princess Week since the idea was cooked up in 2012.

"Joining Disney and Target to create National Princess Week is an extension of my work," the actress, singer, author, dancer and mother (phew!) told Target during the event's 2012 debut. "[It's] a moment in time for children to celebrate their individuality and let their inner sparkle shine.”

Whether that means re-watching all the classic princess movies or simply donning a tiara and calling it a day, it's time to celebrate. We'll get you started: Check out 10 of our favorite photos where little princesses got to show off their "sparkle."

Melissa Avey Photography

Between the fuzzy headband and the cute pearls, we'd do anything this little royal demanded.

Southern Shutter Photography, LLC

The lacy pink dress says "dainty," but that face says "ready to rule."

Photography By TSM

Even royalty needs to rest sometimes.

Alison Townsend Photography

A bona fide fashion queen before she's even out of training pants, this little girl rocks bright makeup and black fuzzy trim.

Andie Freeman Photography

Relaxing as woodland creatures flutter around her, baby is giving off some serious Snow White vibes (even if she doesn't know it).

Andie Freeman Photography

Glance too quickly and you might not even notice the tiniest princess of all, fast asleep in front of her magic mirror.

Captured by Corrin

Where would a princess be without her noble steed?


...Hanging out with a unicorn, of course.

Asea Tremp Photography

This little girl looks like she's sleeping on a cloud. Talk about a fairy tale come to life.

Alison Townsend Photography

No princess list would be complete without at least one Frozen  reference — hey, we don't make the rules.

PHOTO: Andie Freeman Photography