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Has Kate Middleton’s Red Hot New-Mom Look Set the Bar Too High For Women?

PUBLISHED ON 10/25/2013

Looks like one lucky business is trying to milk Kate Middleton's new-mom body for all it's worth. The LoveLite Harley Street clinic in London is reporting that ever since Kate made her flawless (and flab-less) debut, there's been quite an upsurge in tummy toning treatments for women.

The clinic told the Daily Mail that so far, they've seen more than 40 bookings following Kate's washboard abs photo series. The photos of a svelte Kate playing volleyball showed off just how trim, slim and tight her tummy looks after giving birth a little less than three months ago. In fact, there's even a royal count: It's been just 89 days since the birth of George and already, Kate's midsection has garnered the attention of the world.

The new mama, who is believed to have slid back into pre-baby shape with the help of long walks with her dog and George, rowing and ante-natal yoga, may even be at the helm of a movement that makes new moms feel bad about their own postbaby bodies. New moms, the Harley Street clinic says, are demanding fat-freezing tummy sculpting treatments after seeing Kate's fabulous new figure on the volleyball court:

A spokeswoman for the LoveLite Harley Street clinic said, "We started receiving an unprecedented number of calls last Friday for tummy treatments and almost all were from mothers who had recently given birth. we normally make about 12 new bookings a week, but in less than two days we had 40. The phone was ringing off the hook and there were quite a few bookings left on voicemail over the weekend and the bookings have continued at the rate of about 10 a day all through this week. We usually ask callers what prompted them to seek out the treatment and on Friday and over the weekend almost all said they wanted to get a flat stomach like Kate's. Many said they had failed to get their initial figure back after three months - even with a good diet and fitness regime and now needed extra help to shift the stubborn fatty area around their midriff."

Here's the thing: It's not exactly new news that the Duchess of Cambridge has a rockin' bod. She had one prior to her 2011 nuptials and all throughout her pregnancy, little changed about the royal mum-to-be's shape or size. The news that all moms have different bodies and they all don't "bounce back" immediately after having baby. It takes time and no woman should ever feel pressured to fit a certain frame from the outside world. Surely, it wasn't Kate's intention to smack a volleyball around to show off her taut tummy and make women feel bad about themselves, right? I mean, could you actually see the Duchess scheduling an appearance just for the fun of knowing 100 percent of the world is feasting on your photos with envious eyes? No, you can't.

For every new mama, it's different. Maybe Kate's new-mom body makes women feel like they've got to work harder to look like her, but it doesn't sound like she's coming from a malicious place — and if the the Duchess did drop pounds the way the rumors claim she did, then who's to fault her for doing it the healthy way, by eating right and exercising?

Do you think new moms face a ton of unnecessary pressure to lose weight?

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