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Holly Madison’s First Moments With Baby Rainbow Are Beyond Beautiful (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 05/14/2013

There is nothing like the first moment you see your child: whether you're dreaming of that day, planning for it or thinking back on it, those first moments together are indescribable, beautiful, emotional and incredibly powerful. New mama  Holly Madison is letting the world in on her first meeting with her daughter, baby  Rainbow in a new video.

In between pushes, Holly looks to her nurses for support, saying she's scared — and it's really beautiful. I think all moms, whether they're first-timers or seasoned veterans, can relate to Holly at that moment. There's so much emotion, so much fear, so much excitement that it's hard to prepare for what comes next, or how you'll react when you first meet your daughter (or son!). I also love that Holly says she going to cry when she hears baby crying — it's just so sweet! I'll admit, I cried too... it was just that adorable!

Take a look for yourself:

How would you describe your first moments with baby?

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