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profile picture of Shannon Guyton
Shannon Guyton
Contributing Writer

How I Lost My Baby Weight Like A Super-Stah

PUBLISHED ON 06/01/2012

Turns out I have something in common with Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, and it’s certainly not singing talent or a sense of style. We all had a bunch of pounds to drop post baby, and we needed help to do it. Beyonce enlisted the help of a personal trainer, and Jessica Simpson just announced she’s joining Weight Watchers.

I had 65 pounds to lose after each pregnancy. I ate constantly to keep my heartburn and nausea just barely at bay (I never want to see animal crackers again). And because I was so swollen, hot and grumpy, I didn’t exercise much. The moment my son slipped out of my body, I was elated. I immediately felt as thin as I was on my wedding day. Oh, the blessed feeling of being so light after months of bursting at the seams! Sadly, one look in the mirror revealed I still looked 6 months pregnant, and giving birth didn’t magically get rid of the log roll under my chin. I think I deserved at least that after 36 freakin' hours of labor.

I was an overwhelmed  new mom, and it was too much for me to do on my own, so I tightened our budget and enlisted the help of Jenny Craig. I needed something that I had to be accountable for, where someone would tell me what to do, what to eat, and I’d essentially be guaranteed weight loss. It took about a year to get the baby weight off after both pregnancies and feel “normal” again. As normal as any post baby body can be, that is. (Hello, Bonnie Belly-Flap).

PHOTO: iStock