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How Kate Middleton’s Birth Announcement Will Be A First For The Royal Family

PUBLISHED ON 06/19/2013

Soon-to-be parents Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking to add a little spice to the traditional palace birth announcement when the duo's royal bebe arrives next month. Traditionally, royal staffers post a bulletin signed by the mum's medical team on an easel on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, while at the same time, staffers on the electronic end would send out an announcement to be received by the digital world — and it seems as though the Duke and Duchess are intent on keeping up with the royal tradition, for the most part. But Kate's birth will mark a first for England and the royal family.

People is reporting that the public will get its first clue that the royal baby has arrived when someone from Kensington Palace leaves the hospital in London with an envelope, which they'll hand over to a member of the royal household who'll then deliver it to the palace to be placed on the bulletin. When the announcement is placed on the easel, it will mark the first time that the sex of the royal baby is revealed (uh... hate to spoil the surprise and all but we already know Kate and Will are expecting an heir to the throne!). Today, a royal spokesman alerted the world that the couple still do not know the sex of their baby (fat chance!), but that baby will most likely be born at the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London, where William and Harry were both delivered. Kate will most likely give birth naturally with her husband by her side — another first for the royal family.

In addition to the envelope carrying, the bulletin and the email blast — Kate's birth will reach the foremost corners of the globe faster than ever before. Here's just how it'll happen:

Press Release

Let's call it a modern-day email blast, shall we? Because that's essentially what it is.  The release will give details on the baby's sex, the time of birth, the gender and if we're lucky, baby's name. It will include the details on baby's arrival that the public will be pining for and might give us some insight on just how the Duchess' delivery went down. This seems to be the most likely option for the royal family, since this is how it's been done in the past and since it doesn't look like the press release will ever become dated, the royals will likely include a press release with every royal delivery. Le sigh.

Social Media

The Queen B and Diana didn't have to worry about scheduling out tweets, Facebook posts and Vine alerts with each of their pregnancies. Today, all of the those options are available. The British Monarchy has a twitter ( @BritishMonarchy) that will most likely be updated immediately after the birth announcement's been made. Never before has a royal had to worry about a tweet marking the delivery of their baby. But the monarchy isn't the only royal with a Twitter: Clarence House also has a Twitter account that will reveal the birth. Lest we not forget the millions of parody accounts and fan pages on Facebook that are dedicated to covering every ounce of royal news that we hear.

The Internet

The Internet in general will give way to Kate's birth news. Once the Duchess' due date draws nearer and nearer, writers and reporters will be suctioned to their keyboards waiting to break the news. It's highly unlikely that the Interwebs will wait for the envelope to make it from the hospital to Kensington Palace and then over to Buckingham Palace before the Internet catches wind of it. The royals also have a website they update and maintain and it's loaded with royal news. This type of resource wasn't as desirable when Diana have birth to William and Harry.

Funky 21st Century Ways to Announce:

Here's something I bet even the Queen never thought she'd see! The royals could completely outsmart us all and shock the globe by making the Duchess' birth announcement entirely digital, personalized and fun. By sending out out a e-Card press release, the Royals would successfully make every nation part of the royal circle. Here are some ways they could do it to really jazz things up:

Instead of just a dated bulletin, why not perk things up a bit with this stork? No one would be expecting it — and plus, it's fun!

Somewhere in Britain, there is a bakery that's thanking us for coming up with this idea. What better way to celebrate a baby prince or princess than with a sweet treat all of Trafalgar Square can enjoy?

The Brits are known for their love of drink — so why not throw a chewable, tasty and themed cigar into the mix? We vote yes!

A Facebook digital album. The Royal Gang is on Facebook, y'all — and this is how they should commemorate baby's arrival. It could include photos of Kate as a wee little baby, William's birth and other photos of royal family members. It could even be filled with well-wishes from fans, royal family members and candid photos taken throughout Kate's delivery. They invited the public to their wedding — why skip baby's delivery, too?

Do you think the royal family will add any fun elements to the royal birth announcement?

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