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How The Future Of The Royal Monarchy Will Change Now That There’s An Heir To The Throne

PUBLISHED ON 07/22/2013


Prince William and Kate Middleton are proud new parents to a beautiful, healthy and happy baby boy. Their son, whose name has yet to be revealed, will one day reign as King of England. So, just who does Baby Cambridge (as he’ll be referred to) have to bump in order to be king and just how will his royal responsibilities change as the first-born heir to the queen's throne?

Baby Boy Cambridge will one day be head of the Armed Forces, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, head of state of 16 countries and Head of the Commonwealth which covers 54 nations across the world and two billion citizens.

Currently, there’s no age limit restriction that says baby must be of a certain age before taking over the title. Should something happen to all of the heirs in front of him, he would be able to serve as head of the monarchy immediately. Although he would have a “regent” with him, who carries out and cares for the role of the monarch alongside the child until baby is considered an “adult” by UK standards.

Baby boy is third in line for the monarchy and the way things stand, here’s who he will have to trump in order to be take the title home:

FIRST: His great-grandmum

At 87, the queen is still going strong! After taking over the throne at the tender age of 26, she's been Britain's reigning monarch for the past 61 years. She took over the throne after her father, King George, died at the age of 56. She was the heir presumptive to the throne. In the past years, the queen has made no mention of stepping down from her role. Though it is reported that in the next decade, she may step down and her son, Charles, first-born and heir apparent to her throne, may succeed her.

SECOND: His grandfather

As it stands now, Prince Charles  is heir apparent to the throne. Should something happen to his mother, Queen Elizabeth, or should she choose to step down from the throne, Prince Charles will reign as king. Just prior to William’s wedding, rumors started to swirl that Prince Charles would eventually abdicate the throne. Sir Max Hastings, former editor of the Daily Telegraph told the BBC that “if time passes, and Prince William is more and more at the center of the stage, one question I think’s bound to be asked: would it be in everybody’s best interests, including those of the Prince of Wales, for a new, young, next generation, Prince William, to succeed to the throne? I think an enormous amount will depend on what seems to be the will of the British people.” At the time, 47 percent of English people felt that Prince Charles should not give up his right to the throne for his first-born son, however, 46 percent felt that he should.

Prince Charles is currently 65, so in the next ten (or more) years, it’s likely anything could happen.

THIRD: His** daddy**

If the monarchy goes from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Charles and he for some reason abdicates the throne, Prince William will be the next King of England. At 31, it’s likely that William will become king-in-waiting. However, if his father should choose to abdicate and step down from the throne, Prince William would immediately become king.

Baby boy would then have  to wait for his father to step down from the throne before he became king. With daddy as king, it would be good practice for the future heir, who'll be first in line for the title after his father. Hi mum, who’ll likely become Queen Catherine, will not take over the throne after William abdicates, however, mum could serve as baby’s regent until baby is old enough to reign on his own.

Do you think Prince Charles will abdicate? Would you like to see Prince William as king?

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