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How To Make A Smarter Computer? Use Baby’s Brain

PUBLISHED ON 03/15/2012

Babies absorb everything around them, which might be good and bad for parents (they'll take in new words and objects, but watch out if you ever say a bad word!), but for scientists, it might be the key to smarter comptuers. According to MSNBC, a baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons that grow a vast network of connections that help them pick up languages, social skills and learn how to survive in their environments. Scientists believe that by partnering the qualities of an adult’s brain (which is more goal-focused) and a baby’s brain (which is imaginative and open-minded), will help them create more advanced computers.

The psychologists, at UC Berkeley, are running experiments with babies and toddlers to see how they solve problems and using those findings to create a blueprint for computers. Researchers believe that even at a young age, babies are making calculations and hypotheses. They hope that by using babies’ brains as models, computers will be able to interact with humans on a more responsive and intelligent level. And they plan to launch a multidisciplinary center at the campus’s Institute of Human Development to further their research.

Do you think baby’s brains can help benefit computers? How does your child play?

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