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The Baby Name Choice That May End This Couple's Marriage

Here’s the one name that should never be on the table.
PUBLISHED ON 01/07/2019

There are millions of different routes you can take when looking for baby name inspiration, but an ex-partner should never be one of them.

A pregnant wife took to Reddit to share her husband’s desire to name their baby after one of his ex-girlfriends, and, needless to say, she’s not happy.

Titling her post “divorce on table because husband and I can’t agree on baby's name,” the woman dives deep into their baby name drama.

“Ever since we found out [the baby] is going to be a girl, my husband wants to name it like his ex’s name,” she explains.

To be fair, if you and your partner both love a name even though it happens to be the namesake of someone one of you dated, then there’s nothing wrong with making it your selection. The former relationship may have happened years ago, and maybe it was over before it ever really started. If you and your partner are both in agreeance on the name, then go for it.

This, however, is not the case for the frustrated Reddit user.

“It’s not any ex, but the one he dated for [a] long period of time and loved the most,” the wife explains. “In the beginning of our relationship, we had many problems because of her, but she moved away so the problems went away.”

Or so she thought.

Her husband is adamant on using his ex-partner’s name for their baby, explaining even though their relationship ended, it would be “something to keep reminding him of her,” which is what no spouse ever wants to hear.

In a half-hearted attempt to appease his wife, he told her if they have a second child, she could choose whatever name she wants.

Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming response from the Reddit community is the husband’s behavior is anything but normal.

A baby is a couple’s way of turning the love they have for each other into a new life. So if someone would prefer their child to remind them of their ex instead of their partner, there may be a bigger issue at hand.

Happy parents make the best parents. If you and your significant other are facing rocky times, you may need some help to get you back on track. If you are unable to enlist facetime from a professional, marriage counseling apps, like Lasting, can offer some personalized feedback right at your fingertips. And if you and your partner have exhausted every relationship resource available and it’s still not working, sometimes divorce is what’s best for the whole family.

Picking a baby name is a big decision, and it’s not necessarily something you and your partner will always be in agreeance on. Here’s how you can keep the naming process fun and (nearly) fight-free.

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