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Husband Wears Belly to CrossFit to Exercise Like Pregnant Wife

A valiant effort, but still not the same thing.
PUBLISHED ON 02/22/2017

Even the most doting, empathetic partners have no idea what pregnancy is actually like. So we’re willing to give this dad-to-be major props for securing a 14-pound medicine ball to his midsection and giving a workout a go.

Blake Milchuck and his wife, Kristin, are both avid CrossFit participants. But only one of them is 37 weeks pregnant. (Spoiler: It’s Kristin.) Since, according to Blake’s Instagram, Kristin “is a badass and still hitting the gym,” he decided he “could be a good sport and see what it’s like.”

It looks really hard.

Kristin watches in amusement as her husband jumps, rows and does pushups while struggling with the extra weight. Keep in mind that it’s only 14 additional pounds; women nearing full term, like Kristen, average a weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds. Still, she seems to laugh her way through a series of squats. (Maybe she’s laughing at his duct tape harness?)

While we certainly don’t recommend taking on CrossFit for the first time during pregnancy, modifications can make it perfectly safe for experienced pregnant athletes. Just clear it with your doctor first.

We’ve seen women tackle some pretty amazing CrossFit feats during pregnancy. Take a look at the photos of this mom, 35 weeks along, taken by JoAnn Marrero of From Labor To Love Photography.

Photo: JoAnn Marrero
Photo: JoAnn Marrero
Photo: JoAnn Marrero
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