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I Am Pregnant (Aka a Message For Dads-to-Be)

PUBLISHED ON 11/29/2012

I am pregnant.

My already large breasts have grown to the size of two cantaloupes. My nipples look like they have met a tanning bed. I haven’t seen my vagina in weeks, and I have bright blue veins running the length of my body.

Remind me of my beauty. Help me embrace my current shape. Rub my growing belly.

I am pregnant.

The smell of most food repulses me.  The intense taste of spices and flavor additives like garlic, oregano, and onion cause me to gag.

Accept my unspoken apology when I do not eat the meal you have cooked. I want to, but I can’t. It will go down and come up. The nicest gesture you can extend is to ask what else I would like.

I am pregnant.

My moods fluctuate often and in an instant. Christmas music makes me cry. Q-tips in the toilet cause me to unravel in rage.

Don’t judge my emotions and reactions to things. Don’t ask me “What’s your problem?” Understand the sane part of who I am is hidden under my rising hormone levels.

I am pregnant.

My belly is round and quite large. My lungs are compressed by the inside human that continues to grow. At night I toss and turn. During the day, typical tasks like mopping a floor or scrubbing a tub take extra time.

Rub my back, do the dishes, or place an extra blanket on my side of the bed. Tell me it is okay to just relax… and mean it. Ask me what you can do to help and do what I ask. The smallest, meaningful gestures make me love you more and allow me to accept the limitations of my current body.

I am pregnant.

One day I will give birth. I will labor in pain and demonstrate strength of steel. I will stay focused and will search deep to successfully deliver our child safely to this world. Afterwards I will suffer silently. I will be sore. I will physically hurt. I will need rest with no time to spare for myself.

Let me sleep. Take care of me. Take care of our children. Temporarily carry the burden so I can recover.  Appease my unreasonable requests. Be my superman. Our family will need you.

I am pregnant.

What do you wish you could tell your partner about being pregnant?