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Husband Goals? Ian Somerhalder Carries Nikki Reed's Breast Pump at Golden Globes

"It takes a real man."
PUBLISHED ON 01/09/2018

Most of the time, moms aren't looking for a grand gesture from their partners. We just a need a little help shouldering the burden of raising a small human. In other words, we just need a little Ian Somerhalder.

Here's what we mean. At the Golden Globe awards this past Sunday, Nikki Reed shared a snapshot of her husand, Somerhalder, on her Instagram story.

"Takes a real man to carry your breast pump in a 'to go' box all night," Reed captioned the photo.

It's not exactly a surprise that Somerhalder would be so graciously willing to tote around his wife's pump. He even broke their self-imposed month of silence to gush about Reed as a new mom on Instagram.

Why Somerhalder opted to carry the pump in a cardboard box rather than a pump bag or diaper bag is another story. We're just happy to see he's lending a hand.

PHOTO: Nikki Reed via Instagram Story