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Kathleen Mulpeter

In Case You Missed It: Our Chat With Rosie Pope On Twitter

PUBLISHED ON 09/04/2012

Today, we were lucky enough to chat with the lovely Rosie Pope (the maternity clothing designer and star of Bravo TV’s “Pregnant in Heels") and  Philips AVENT on Twitter. If you missed it, here's a roundup of some highlights from our conversation. And don't forget to  follow @thebump on Twitter — that way, you'll be the first to know about our future Twitter chats and giveaways!

The Bump : You’re mama to sons J.R. and Wells and now daughter Vivienne! How do your boys like having a baby sister?

Rosie : They love it.  They are so sweet, gentle, and kind with her.

The Bump:  What tips would you give new moms who are struggling to find enough time to get everything done?

Rosie : Try to think less about doing it all in a day and instead think about achieving it in a week.

The Bump : Let’s talk clothes! What are three items that all new moms should have in their closets?

Rosie : Great pair of wedges, RPM Pret Pants, highlighter colored pashmina!

The Bump : What is the #1 piece of advice you would give moms-to-be about dressing stylishly during their pregnancy?

Rosie : Stay true to your original sense of style.  If you didn’t wear it before, don’t wear it now.

The Bump : What are your top 5 new mom must-haves?

Rosie : Philips AVENT Natural Bottle, steam sterilizers, swaddle clothes, RPM London Shopper, soothing playlist of classical music.

The Bump : We love the helpful advice you give moms on Twitter! What’s the best new mom advice YOU’VE received?

Rosie : Have some empathy for yourself.

The Bump : What’s been your craziest new-parent moment? How did you deal?

Rosie : My son just broke his arm. He’s only 18 mos old.  I remembered that bones heal and it could have been worse. Keep perspective.

PHOTO: Rosie Pope / The Bump