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Incredible Video Captures The Beauty Of Being A Twin (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 11/18/2013

Here's something you'll actually like crying about: newborn twins can't stop holding each other — even when they're in the bath. The video, posted by Sonia Rochel, a French maternity nurse, depicts the "Thalasso Baby Bath" technique at work.

Devised at the Clinique de la Muette in Paris, Thalasso Baby Bath involves caressing and massaging newborn babies in a bath for 15 minutes sans soap. And though Rochel recommends parents not try the method at home on their own, it is believed to be a relaxing experience for both the bather and the bathee.

In an interview, Rochel said that the bath idea was born after she took a shower and realized how great it felt to have water running down her face. It was then that she decided to try the technique on babies. She noticed that it made them move similarly to how they would in utero. The Bath is typically done on babies two months old and younger and as you can see from the video, they are never fully submerged underwater.

And while we're not endorsing the Thalasso Baby Bath method, it's kind of hard to ignore just how sweetly these twins cling to each other (like they would have in mom's belly) and how beautifully they move in conjunction together.

Check it out:


Do you think twins remember their time in-utero together?