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profile picture of Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang

IPads For Babies: A Do Or A Don’t?

PUBLISHED ON 04/26/2012

Will iPads replace good old fashioned toys? Baby and toddler apps are big in the Apple store, but there’s a growing debate on whether they’re good for kids or not. A while back, we reported about American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation that children should stay screen-free until they’re two years old. Passive television viewing is discouraged during this time period, but experts are still unsure about the effects of iPads or smart tablets on children since it’s a fairly new device. But one thing’s for certain: Children benefit best from free, unstructured play without electronics.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), psychologists, parents and technology experts participated in a panel discussion in New York last month called, “Baby Brains and Video Games.” All of the panel participants believed that there were benefits to children using child-friendly apps on iPads, but that parents should set limits on device use. Or baby will think a magazine is an iPad like in that funny YouTube video!

Do you let your tot play with your iPad or smart tablet? Have you downloaded any kid-friendly apps?

PHOTO: UserExperiencesWorks / YouTube