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Sarah Yang

Is Choosing A Baby Name Making You Miserable?

PUBLISHED ON 03/22/2012

It’s nice to have a ton of different baby names to choose from, but did you ever think that all the variety is making you anxious and miserable about choosing the perfect name? Laura Wattenberg writes about the subject in her blog The Baby Name Wizard. She says that the baby-naming blues has really been on the rise lately because there are so many choices and it makes the naming decisions a lot harder and the process much longer. Wattenberg talks about “the paradox of choice” and how choice is freedom and is supposed to make us happy because we can follow whatever path suits us, but in reality, the abundance of choice makes us miserable.

What’s also not helping parents when it comes to choosing a name? There’s a lot of pressure to choose a distinctive name, that’s not too popular and the fact that baby naming books have thousands of words – Wattenberg writes that one book has 140,000 choices!

We think it’s understandable for parents to be overwhelmed by the baby naming process — it’s a pretty big decision!

Are you feeling anxious about naming your baby? Or how did you choose the name for your baby?