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Is Kim Kardashian Having A Baby Girl?

PUBLISHED ON 02/25/2013

Cats out of the bag,Kiki! Reports are swirling that mom-to-be Kim Kardashian is expecting a  baby GIRL  (!!!!!) this summer with her boyfriend, Kanye West.

The news broke over the weekend, with Us Weekly stating that sources close to the pregnant reality TV star exclusively confirm that Kimye is making way for a little lady come July. The source also said that mom and dad are "over the moon!" with joy at the news and that daddy-to-be, Kanye, has "always wanted a girl."

But since we aren't ones to just go with the news, we did a little digging of our own. We plugged the facts into our Chinese Gender Chart to predict what Kim is really having at the results were nothing short of surprise! Since Kim announced her pregnancy in December and is due in July, we guesstimated that she and Yeezy conceived baby Kimye in either October (while she was still 31) or in November (after turning 32). Both results proved to support Us Weekly's magical source: Kim and Kanye _ are _ having a baby girl ! Not surprisingly, neither Kim nor Kanye confirmed (or denied!) the news. Looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

Have you tried our Gender Chart? Was it correct?

PHOTO: The Bump / People