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Is This the True Cause Of Colic?

PUBLISHED ON 07/11/2012

Any parent with a colicky baby will tell you that dealing with colic is heartbreaking, aggravating and, well, pretty much your worst nightmare. Thankfully, a recent study shed some light on a possible cause of colic among newborns.

Researcher Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali from Cairo studied 55 infants of varying age, sex and ethnicity that showed symptoms of colic. Of those chosen, 45 babies (81.8%) tested positive for Helicobacter pylori — a type of bacteria found in their stomachs. This bacterium can cause stomach discomfort, cramping and ulcers (ouch!). Dr. Ali noted that these infections may be considered the "etiologic pathogenic organism of infantile colic," meaning there may be a legitimate cause of baby's discomfort — it's not "just crying." Now if only researchers could fine a definitive cure!

Even though baby can't communicate what's wrong, there are some possible treatments to ease his pain. Dr. Ali recommends a daily dose of a probiotic to stimulate your baby's stomach — but discuss any treatment or medication with your doctor before giving it to baby.

How did you deal with your baby's colic? What do you recommend for other moms?

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