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profile picture of Rachel Sylvester
Rachel Sylvester
Assistant Editor, The Knot

It’s A Boy For Vanessa & Nick Lachey

PUBLISHED ON 06/21/2012

Expectant mom Vanessa Lachey followed through on a promise to her Twitter followers after pledging to share a photo of her growing baby bump. In celebration of what she termed 'Maternity Monday', the television host tweeted this message to fans:

"#Maternity Monday: Let's embrace our changing bodies! Show me [sic] ur bump & I'll show [sic] u mine! Let's get creative!"

After receiving dozens of responses, Lachey tweeted a photo of her own, taken poolside by husband Nick. Positive feedback from the image was barely able to subside before Vanessa made yet another baby announcement yesterday afternoon on her website.

"It's a BOY. Nick and I are incredibly excited to share the news that we are expecting a baby boy. We can't wait to meet him soon!!!" she wrote.

The couple wed last July in the British Virgin Islands after nearly six years together. This past March, Nick announced on Live! with Kelly that his wife was pregnant with their first child. Due in September, Vanessa has previously vocalized her family preference, stating that she would want "three boys and a girl". Immediately after the announcement of her pregnancy, Vanessa replied to a fan via Twitter when asked if she wanted a boy or a girl:

"I'm excited either way! But I always wanted a boy 1st. Just a healthy baby," she wrote.

We wish the couple health and happiness as they enter into their third trimester! What do you think of Vanessa's belly pic?

PHOTO: Twitter