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Kylie McConville

It’s A Girl For Jason And Molly Mesnick!

PUBLISHED ON 03/15/2013

Baby girl makes three!

The proud new parents welcomed their daughter Riley Anne Mesnick into the world on Thursday, March 14 and she's already got the sweetest nickname: Daddy's little girl.

Riley's proud papa, Jason, told People that his daughter already "has a full head of hair — probably more than I'll have in the next new years." And he's evening dishing on mom and baby girl's first moments together. "What's amazing to me is when Molly is holding Riley, her eyes do not come off her. I'm already seeing how much Molly loves the baby."

Aw! Those first mommy and me moments are always so tender, so special and so unbelievably loving.

Baby girl Riley joins big brother Tyler, Jason's son from his previous marriage. Dad said that, "Ty has been asking for a sibling for so long. He was here earlier holding her and kissing her and it was really, really cute. We're so happy." Gah! We're so happy for the couple too!

Congratulations to mom, dad, big brother Tyler and the whole Mesnick gang on their adorable new addition!

PHOTO: Lisi Wolf Photography / The Bump