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It’s A Girl For ‘Jersey Shore’ Star JWoww!

PUBLISHED ON 01/22/2014

Make way for a mini JWoww , everybody! The Jersey Shore star, who announced she was expecting right around the holidays, has officially confirmed that she and fiance, Roger Matthews, are expecting a baby girl later this year.

Jenny told Us Weekly, that she was "super excited and super emotional" when it came time to finding out if they were going to welcome a she or a he in July. "I pictured a boy this whole time," she said, "so when I saw 'girl' on the paperwork, I was like 'No way!' But deep down, I think I knew." Aw, love when mommy gets it right!

As for the Jersey Shore alum's best friend, JWoww is definitely thrilled to give her best friend, Snooki and her son  Lorenzo LaValle someone to grow up with and play with! She said, "Lorenzo is gonna have a BFF, and I couldn't be happier!" And though mama is over the moon about her little girl, she does know that one day her baby girl will become a teenager — so there's that. She said, "I was a teenage girl once, and, boy, do I know how sneaky we can be! Karma is gonna kick me in the butt with her!"

And while that's years away, mama-to-be did say that her baby girl will bring a whole new world of incredible firsts for the engaged couple. "She will be my best friend and daddy's little girl," JWoww said. "I can't wait for everything from her first steps to her first dance class."

Congratulations to the parents-t0-be on their baby girl! Can't wait to meet her!

Did you guess your baby's gender correctly?

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