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IVF-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Proves Baby's Worth the Wait

After three miscarriages, multiple surgeries and a round of IVF, this couple has happy news to share.
PUBLISHED ON 05/13/2016

After a four-year struggle with infertility, Macy and Tyler Rodeffer are proud to announce they’re pregnant. The couple chose to share their big news in a way that acknowledged their difficult journey.

Inspired by last year’s viral IVF baby photo, the mom-to-be shared an Instagram photo of her fertility medication layed out in the shape of a heart. Inside the heart was a sonogram and a onesie that reads, “Worth the wait and wait and wait.”

“It was important to me that my announcement not only convey my joy, but also share my struggle and encourage women not to give up,” Rodeffer told The Huffington Post.

The Rodeffers experienced an incredibly rocky road to this moment. “It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections, one surgery, two procedures, over 100 suppositories, and several thousand dollars to get our baby,” Rodeffer writes on her blog. And the couple’s struggle with infertility wasn’t one-sided; Macy suffered from severe endometriosis and underwent surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst while Tyler was diagnosed with male factor infertility.

Like the couple who shared humrous infertility announcement photos this week to lighten the heaviness surrounding TTC struggles, Rodeffer hopes “to give those who haven’t struggled a glimpse into what it takes just to have hope again, and to encourage them to ask questions about how it works and what it’s like to go through.”

To learn more about the Rodeffer’s IVF experience and journey into parenthood, check out Macy’s blog, Martinis & Medicine.

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