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Jamie-Lynn Sigler And Cutter Dykstra Welcome A Baby Boy

PUBLISHED ON 08/29/2013

It must be the year of the boys! Proud new parents Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Cutter** Dykstra** welcomed their handsome little man into the world yesterday, a source close to the couple spilled to People Moms & Babies. While no further details have been released, we do know what the duo has chosen for baby's moniker (and it's a real treat!).

They've reported named their boy Beau. Details are still mum on his middle name (if he'll even have one) and as for a last name, we're thinking he'll go by Dykstra like his daddy, but only time will tell. Back in June, Sigler told People that she and Cutter were still up-in-the-air as far as names went, saying, "We have a couple of [baby] names we’re toying with. We’ll call him one name one week and one name another week. I think we have our favorite, but you never know. We could change our minds when we meet him." Here's hoping that Beau was the favorite, because frankly, we love it!

As far as originality goes, mom and dad get serious style points on a clever, classic name. It feels very old Hollywood but at the same time, it's fresh and fun.

More old, glamorous names we love?

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Would you ever pick an old-school name for your baby?

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