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Did Jessica Simpson Just Reveal Her Baby’s Name… And Gender?

PUBLISHED ON 02/20/2013

When it comes to keeping a secret, Jessica Simpson is second to none!

Okay, okay, only kidding — but seriously, this mama-to-be (for the second time!) cannot keep her mouth closed! Fortunately for us, though, Jess's lack of a filter has made for some salaciously good headlines. Her latest slip up, though, might be my favorite.

It sounds like Jess and her fiancé Eric Johnson have settled on a name for their second child. A source revealed, "She's told people she's going to name the baby Ace!" And while I didn't think I would love it — I totally do.

Ace is retro, funky and 100% vintage with a little edge. It reminds me of a heartthrob from the '20s or '50s, with a Cadillac and a flair for trouble.  And I absolutely love that Ace is a total 180% from Maxwell Drew, who was named after family members on both Jess and Eric's side. Jess even said of the name choice for baby Maxwell, "It’s nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary. Still, when people hear it they’ll know …why.” I love that they picked a family name for their first born, and I'm crossing my fingers that they stick with Ace for baby number 2!

Another reason I love the name Ace? I think it's a huuugeeeeee hit that Jess is pregnant with a baby boy! And as much as I love seeing a mini-Jess in Maxwell Drew, I really would love to the threesome add a baby boy to the mix!

Do you like Jess and Eric's name choice? Think she's really having a boy?