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Rachel Sylvester
Assistant Editor, The Knot

Jessica Simpson’s Funny New-Mom Tweets

PUBLISHED ON 06/27/2012

Jessica Simpson took to Twitter this week to share some adorable (and slightly revealing!) personal photos with her followers. The first was a shot of the singer dressed incognito as she pushed a stroller down the street with the caption:

"Just taking a walk around the block...Street legal???"

Wearing dark shades and a low-cut shirt, it's clear Simpson was poking fun at the er...ample size of her post-pregnancy chest.

The second image gave fans a glimpse of the new love in Simpson's life — her two-month-old daughter, Maxwell. The caption: "Howdy friends."

We're not sure how Maxwell feels about her mama's silly tweet, but we do know that the newborn has some great genes (those cheeks!). We can't wait to see more candid pics!

What celebrity babies can't you get enough of?

PHOTO: Twitter