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profile picture of Ivy Jacobson
Ivy Jacobson
Associate Editor, The Knot

Jill Duggar’s Pregnancy Cravings And Baby’s Nickname Are Very Similar

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2014

Is mama-to-be Jill Duggar sweet or sour? While she might have a sugary disposition, the newlywed's pregnancy cravings are all sour.

Derick Dillard's wife recently spoke to ABC News and gave an interview on her bouts of morning sickness (she has it — big time) and what goes in her "pregnancy bag," known as the bag packed with foods she can't get enough of.

"[Like my mother, I crave] things that are more sour to settle my stomach: dill pickles, lemon with salt or lemon juice with water or salt," Jill told the news outlet. "I like cold things [too]. I don't like a lot of hot meals right now but I do try to get protein every two hours."

Jill's dill preference is not only in good company with Mila Kunis's pickle craving, but it also goes hand-in-hand with her baby's nickname: Baby Dilly.

The 19 Kids and Counting star used the moniker in an Instagram photo showing off her baby bump with a pair of baby shoes and wrote, "We're expecting!!! So grateful to God for this new little blessing!!! #babydilly #firsttimeparents #sogratefultoGod #derickdillard #jillmdillard."

Dill pickles and Jill's new last name of Dillard: Baby Dilly sounds spot on to us! Dillon Dillard, anyone? Anyone?

See Jill's cute pregnancy and baby gift pics below:

What did you crave during your pregnancy?

PHOTO: Jill Duggar via Instagram