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Jimmy Kimmel Shares Adorable First Pics Of Daughter Jane

PUBLISHED ON 07/22/2014

After a two-week hiatus following the birth of his daughter, Jimmy Kimmel resumed taping his talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. Like any proud new dad, he included some tidbits about his new bundle of joy in his opening monologue on Monday night and shared some pretty stinking adorable pictures, too.

Kimmel casually dropped his big news while recapping his vacation for viewers. "I got a lot done," he told the audience. "I painted a mirror in my house. I grew this beard. Oh, and I had a baby also. My wife and I made a baby." He then reassured the audience that, through childbirth can be a traumatic experience, he handled it with poise and grace. "I was so brave. I cried a little but didn't scream. You guys would have been very proud of me," he joked, also mentioning that his wife, Molly McNearney, is doing fine.

And how adorable is baby Jane? Kimmel shared pics with the viewers without skimping on his trademark humor. "She's drunk as a skunk right there," he said, referring to a picture of his daughter with a massive bow on her tiny head. In reference to a pic of Jane giggling, Kimmel deadpanned, "We showed her her first Tyler Perry movie and she loved it."

Kimmel, who has two adult children from a previous marriage, noted that being a father again isn't without its difficulties. "It's interesting how much you forget," he mused. "Like, did you know they don't eat pizza at this age?"

He may have to wait a few years to enjoy a cheesy slice with his daughter, but they still make a pretty cute pair.

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