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Kids Explain Where Babies Come From

Proof that nobody wants to answer this question.
PUBLISHED ON 09/15/2016

It’s a question that makes plenty of parents blush: Where do babies come from? Having the talk with your kids is a daunting challenge. But a new video proves they might be just as awkward about it as you.

Jimmy Kimmel took to the street to ask kids this age-old question. Despite having little knowledge on the topic, they came up with some colorful explanations:

“When the downstairs goes into a girl’s downstairs.”

“Ladies’ tummes.”


The littlest interviewee completely dodged the question, opting to sing the ABCs instead. The older kids? They started giggling, feeling uncomfortable knowing that their “parents have to do it.”

Our favorite response, however, came from a boy who tried to knock some sense into the producers, saying, “I’m not in fifth grade yet, I shouldn’t know this stuff.”

If those explanations weren’t quite clear enough, perhaps 7-year-old Sophia can help break things down. In an adorable video, she tackles the question of how gay parents can have a child, complete with drawings of her two moms and their sperm donor. For a tricky topic, she pretty much nails it.

PHOTO: YouTube