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Josh Duhamel Says He Has ‘Full Conversations’ With His Baby-to-Be — But Will Baby Hear Him?

PUBLISHED ON 03/01/2013

OK — Josh Duhamel may be on a quest to be the cutest daddy alive (and he may be doing a really great job so far). He recently revealed, "I've had full conversations with the baby already" at a press event on Tuesday. "I'm trying my best to communicate from beyond the womb. Whether it can hear me, I don't know, but I'm talking to it a lot."

Good news for Josh (and all dads-to-be!),  our experts say YES , you should talk to your unborn babe! Michael P. Nageotte, MD, medical director of the MemorialCare Center for Women at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach says, "“There’s no question that the startle response can be observed in a fetus as early as about four or five months." So even though Josh may be jumping the gun a little bit (since there's no confirmation of just how far along Fergie Ferg is) — he's on the right track!

Nageotte even says, "A loud noise can cause the baby to suddenly move, and that response becomes much more consistent as the pregnancy progresses." But don't go banging pots and pans near baby's developing body just yet! Some scientists say that babies in the womb respond best to music, songs and stories. With Fergie's sultry stage voice and Duhamel's acting abilities, looks like this baby is in good singing, dancing and talking hands! Josh even told reporters that the baby was moving around in mom's belly during Fergie's first ultrasound — so he's well aware that he's going to have his hands full!

The adorable daddy-to-be also admitted that he loves his wife's pregnancy glow. "She looks so beautiful. I look at her now as not only as my beautiful wife, but also as the woman carrying our child. That takes our relationship to a whole new level." UGH, ladies, why are all the good (rich, celebrity, handsome, charming, heartthrobs) taken!? I mean really!

He even admitted he's looking forward to the sleepless nights, feedings and inevitable diaper blowouts. He said, "I actually look forward to that stuff that people warn you about. I don't mind waking up and dealing with the middle of the night stuff. I wake up early anyway. So I'm definitely ready for it. More than I've ever been."

Despite feeling well prepared for all the other tasks, there is one thing that Josh says he hopes he's ready for (and there's no doubt that all daddies-to-be can agree on this.) Josh said, "I hope to be a great dad."

Not to toot his horn or anything, but we're pretty sure Josh is ready for the role!

Did you talk to your baby in utero?

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