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Kylie McConville

Kate Middleton’s Birth Plan Will Make History In England

PUBLISHED ON 05/30/2013

I don't know about you, but I'm already hunkering down for the arrival of the royal baby. I've planned a menu of small British heir-approved apps (in case you're curious, everything will be served "mini" and come with a British flag, we'll sip mocktails and say "Cheerio!" and "Brilliant!" as often as possible and for dessert, we'll munch on biscuits, cakes and sip tea while chanting "God Save the Queen!"). I've invited all my prestigious friends (side note: I've defined "prestigious" as all those holding full-time jobs. I'm a commoner here, work with me people!) and even knitted a royal blanket (err.. started to knit one, at least). Needless to say, I'm ready!

But, while Kate Middleton and Prince William's  baby-on-deck continues to prepare for his (her?) summer debut, word on the street is that Kate's birth plan will make history in England — for more reasons than you think!

Aside from the fact that Kate will birth the future king or queen of England (baby will be third in line for the throne!), she and daddy-t0-be will also break ground in the English way of arrival. Kate's birth will mark the first time EVERthat dad will be present for the delivery. That's right — if you can even believe it — all the dad's before Will were elsewhere when their babes were birthed. For starters, Prince Charles was playing polo during Diana's delivery with William and before that, Prince Philip was playing squash when Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Charles. Talk about royal no-shows!

Kate will likely give birth in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, the same locale where Diana gave birth to Prince William. It'll be a beautiful memory for the two parents, to connect both William's past with the new future they're planning together (it'll also be a beautiful way to honor his late mum) and apparently, Kate's gone so far as to consider a ton of alternative birth methods for her delivery, including water birth and Hypnobirthing. To be honest, I think Kate may deliver like the mums before her, but that's just me.

Regardless of the way Kate and Will choose to deliver — one thing is for sure: They're going to have a birth plan. Known as the "game-plan" for baby's arrival, it'll serve as a check-list to make sure that both Will and Kate are totally in charge of labor, delivery and baby's arrival. Because the entire world will have their eyes glued to the news, it's super important for the couple to stick to their wishes as the moment of delivery draws nearer and nearer. And while the couple can expect for things to get a little chaotic, their birth plan will make sure that Kate and Will are on the same page as their doctors and nurses.

So, what can we expect their birth plan to look like?

First things first, it will make clear their desires about issues like pain meds, people involved, episiotomies and cord cutting. Their plan will document their wishes as parents (spoiler alert! Kate and Will's will most likely involve a lengthy legal agreement that keeps hospital staff from saying anything about delivery!), prepare them for hospital policies — their plan will make sure everyone involved in baby's knows what you want, how you want to do it, no further questions asked! That way, you can just focus on the pushin'.

Did you have a birth plan?