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Kate Middleton’s Maternity Leave: How The Duchess Will Prep For Baby’s Arrival

PUBLISHED ON 06/05/2013

In the market for a long, relaxing maternity leave? Take notes from mommy-to-be Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge will reportedly be allowed to take a maternity leave, a palace insider says, beginning on June 13th. An anonymous source spoke to The Mirror on Sunday and shared, "Kate has really enjoyed her job and wanted to work as close to the birth date as possible." June 13 will mark Kate's "last official solo engagement," when she is slated to christen a cruise ship. (Yep, you read that correctly. She's going to christen. a. cruise. ship.)

Regardless, Kate is taking her "royal role very seriously," according to the palace source, and she's "looking forward to taking up her duties when her maternity leave has finished." Though the Duchess isn't due until July (spoiler alert! Royal insiders slipped up and shared the exact date of the royal heir's delivery — so cancel your daytime plans), she has some time to relax, unwind and stay in good health until her little lad or lady's arrival. So, how exactly will she spend the month leading up to her due date?

While typical moms-to-be will use the time to brush up on their company's FMLA policies, pregnancy rights and general maternity leave facts, Kate won't have to bother with that. Can you imagine if Buckingham Palace had an FMLA policy?! Ha! Or if someone filled in for Kate on officially engagements while she's home with the baby? A royal impersonator? Didn't think so!

For the Duchess, it's all about rest and relaxation. Here's what she'll likely be up to for the next month.

Make a list... and check it twice.

There's A LOT to prep for before a baby comes into your life. Do you have enough bottles? Do you even have bottles? Did you buy a breast pump? Do you have nursing pads? How do I assemble this stroller? And this crib? Crap, did anybody remember to stock up on diapers? Since it isn't customary in English tradition to have a baby shower, Kate and Will probably purchased all the necessities beforehand. Okay, who am I kidding — their royal shoppers stocked up for them. Anyway, the next month is ample time for Kate and Will to go over the must-haves for baby's first weeks home and find out if they've got enough supplies. Here's a tip, you two: More is most definitely better.

Set up the car seat.

Whether it's the Royal Limo Fleet or your Hyundai Tuscon, you want to have that sucker all set up and in the car. Circumstances for Kate are going to be a wee bit different (because she's going to have the most guarded delivery in all the history of the guarded deliveries), but it's still important that baby's car seat is safe, secure and installed properly. For regular parents, this means taking the car out for a spin (before your water breaks!) to make sure that the seat stays put when you travel around turns, come to stops and (hopefully this won't be the case) in the event that you have to press forcefully on the breaks. For Kate and Will, with noisy reporters and paparazzi set on snagging the first photos of the royal heir, it's important that baby's seat is away from windows — and prying eyes.

Pack a hospital bag.

Here's hoping Kate's stocking up on tons of trashy tabloids and junk food for her few night's stay in the maternity ward after delivery. It'll most likely be classical literature, hun-cal popcorn and English Breakfast tea for the Duchess, but hey, a common girl can dream, okay?! In order to make her stay comfortable, casual and private, Kate might want to try adding these mom-approved items to her bag — and skipping over the usual stuff. Things like Monopoly, snacks and too many changes of clothes can stay behind, trust us.

Plan baby's birth announcement.

Ha! As if, Kate. Before the chaos of life with a permanent plus one sets in, Kate and Will might want to sit down with the Royal PR team and discuss just how they'll alert the world of baby's arrival. (Crossing my fingers the news breaks over texts, but I know better than to dream like that.) The couple will want to agree on which news stations they'll alert and which (if any) photographers they'll let participate in the coronation of the baby. Because their wedding was televised, maybe they'll film the delivery? If they don't want to go the way of modern media, they could keep it old fashioned with cards, or even a royal palace note?

Take a real babymoon — and enjoy it.

Remember that time like .5 seconds after Kate announced she was pregnant (and then announced she was suffering from severe morning sickness) when the whole world was convinced she was on a babymoon with William and her parents? Newsflash, y'all: That wasn't a babymoon. Kate was stalked about by paparazzi and all the girl was trying to do was have some fun in the sun. Now that she's got some time off before welcoming their first child, maybe Kate and Will will plan a day trip somewhere special together. They won't travel far (who knows if baby will come sooner than expected?!) but you can be sure that the trip will be one to never forget. It'll mark their final trip together as a twosome.

Any other suggestions for how Kate should spend her last month?

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