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Kate Middleton’s Honest Mom-to-Be Confession Is One All Women Can Relate to

PUBLISHED ON 02/21/2013

Call me crazy, but sometimes I honestly forget just how normal Kate Middleton can be. The Duchess of Cambridge may be one of — if not the most — idolized woman in the world, but when she speaks, I swear, it's like I'm talking to one of my girlfriends. And now that the Duchess is expecting her first baby in July with her husband, Prince William , the icon is dishing on what being a mom really means — and what she's scared of!

On an official visit to the Action on Addiction center in London on Tuesday (you know, where she debuted her growing bump!), Kate spoke candidly with two other expectant mothers in an art therapy class. When one of the women, 28-year-old Natalie, shared that she was currently pregnant (and also due in July!), she and the Duchess struck up a conversation about their impending due dates. Recalling the conversation, Natalie said that Kate "was saying she had been unwell but is feeling better now."

Another of the art therapy students, Lisa (a mom of three), asked Kate is she was nervous about having a baby. And the Duchess came back with an answer that's so real, so non-Hollywood, so refreshing that I can't even believe this woman is next in line to be the Queen of England. She said, "It would be unnatural if I wasn't. It's just human, isn't it?" I mean, come on! Can Kate get any more perfect? Usually, you expect a fearless answer from celebrities, stars and other Hollywood names. Sometimes I feel like they make the journey through fertility, pregnancy and parenting sound so effortless, so lackadaisical that it's hard for other women to relate to. But with Kate, I've never doubted the honesty and sincerity when she speaks.

Nick Barton, the chief executive of Action on Addiction seems to agree. He said, "I can only speak of what I know, and having met the Duchess several times I find her to be engaging, natural and genuinely interested in the subject [of addiction]. You can tell a lot about someone from the questions they ask and she asks really good questions, the questions of someone who wants to learn. She is also an intelligent woman."

I can't help but agree. Thanks for keepin' it real, Kate!

Were you surprised by the Duchess's pre-baby jitters?

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