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Kate Middleton Vs. Princess Diana: How Being A Princess And Mom Is Different Today

PUBLISHED ON 12/10/2012

We've compared all there is to compare between Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton: their red carpet style, their wedding gowns and even their impact on the public. Now, with a royal baby on the way, the comparisons keep rolling in. Here's a sneak peek of the similarities and differences the two royal women share while having a baby on board.


Diana was only 20 when she announced that she was expecting her first child with Prince Charles and the news came only 3 months after their high profile nuptials. Baby Prince William came into the world only 11 months after mom and dad said "I do", just one month shy of their first anniversary together.

Kate is 30 and expecting her first child with Prince William. While age isn't really anything but a number, at 30 Kate is probably more prepared to handle the stress of a pregnancy and a very public, high profile life. Kate and William also enjoyed a year and a half of marital bliss together before they announced they were expecting.

The way they parent

Chances are, Kate will parent her baby much the same way Diana chose to parent William and Harry: with constant love and affection. Diana broke the palace mode when she refused to travel without her infant sons and it's no surprise that Kate will most likely opt to do the same. Unheard of in the royal family until her time, Diana breastfed both William and Harry.

Where they will give birth

Diana was the first to buck the royal tradition of giving birth in the palace, opting to welcome her little bundle into the world at a hospital. Given that the Duchess was recently admitted for hyperemesis gravidarum, there is little doubt that Kate will be anywhere but a hospital when it comes time to push.

Maternity style

We might not look back on Princess Di's maternity frocks with as much glitz and glam as we did when she was first pregnant, but there's no denying that the late Princess was well ahead of her time in the maternity wear department. Her dresses were flowy, comfortable and so fashion forward for that time period. Though the fashion world has tremendously evolved since, Kate will continue to take style cues from Di. Hailed as a fashionista during her royal reign, Diana made fashionable (and comfortable!) maternity choices that women everywhere idolized and mimicked. It's likely that Kate's maternity look will only further her own fashion icon status, with her sporting more figure-flattering, shapely frocks.

Choosing a name

Charles and Diana were given a jam-packed royal pool filled with regal, classical names to choose from. Kate and Will will undoubtedly pick a name that echoes those same royal and regal sentiments. But we're crossing our fingers that if the royal duo welcome a baby girl into the world, they'll pick Diana as her memorable moniker.

Do you think Kate's pregnancy will be much like Diana's? Or do you think it'll be totally different?