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Kate Middleton’s Due Date: Will The Royal Baby Arrive Early, On Time Or Late?

PUBLISHED ON 06/28/2013

OMG, you guys! According to royal speculators 'round the globe, mum-to-be Kate Middleton could give birth 10 days earlier than the July 13th due date that was originally reported! NO. FREAKIN. ROYAL. WAY.

While the news is entirely speculation at this point, it wouldn't be a complete surprise if the Duke and Duchess leaked a false date to the media suggesting that they were due later in July in order to get a little R&R and some much deserved privacy before their little beau arrives. Will's own mum, the late Princess Diana, did the same thing before she delivered her royal boys. Diana fibbed when told the press in 1982 that her first baby was due on July 1; William was born 10 days earlier, on June 21.

According to The Telegraph, an early arrival would mean that the Duke would welcome an heir (or heiress!) to the throne shortly after his own birthday (June 21), or close to grandmum-to-be Queen Elizabeth, who celebrated her Official Birthday (because that still a thing in the U.K.) on June 15th.

More hints that Kate could go early? The palace has apparently put in place their own precautions, with a royal insider telling U.K's Now Magazine, "The palace has already put an emergency plan in place for an early labour — despite Prince William's lovely wife having three weeks to go." Katiekins herself has also admitted that she might give birth before or after she's supposed to. The mama-to-be was quoted as saying that " babies have their own agenda" and she even turned down an invite to attend the wedding of Melissa Percy and Tom van Straubenzee in Northumberland (300 miles away) this weekend. And so, the plot thickens!

In the spirit of the guessing game, we asked our moms to share when their first baby arrived — and whether they were on time, early or late to the party. Here's what they said:

  • More than 29 moms told us that their first born arrived earlier than they expected.
  • 11 moms shared that their joyful little babes came into the word right on time with their actual due dates.
  • 15 moms said baby came after their due date.

So really, the ball is in the royal baby's court and we just have to wait and see. While we know some approximates (like how they'll announce baby's birth, what her birth plan looks like and maybe what she's having), nothing is definite when it comes to your delivery, especially when it's your first! And because our girl Kate is not too posh to push and plans to give birth naturally (she's even reportedly looked into Hypnobirthing!) whenever she goes into labor, that's when she'll go. (And we'll be staying up round the clock till that happens!)

What do you think? Will Kate go early, right on schedule or after she's due?

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