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Kate Middleton’s ‘Top Secret’ Hospital Visit Was Really Just A Pre-Baby Checkup

PUBLISHED ON 07/15/2013

The Duchess is at it again! When she's not busy keeping out of the public eye before the royal baby is born, Kate Middleton has been ousted for sneaking off of the royal grounds!

A patient at the St. Mary's Hospital in London spilled the beans on the Princess' whereabouts, revealing to E! News that she was "at St. Mary's with Kate Middleton!" Another clue the Duchess was inside? About an hour prior to Kate's Lindo Wing visit, the hospital security team got a wake-up call — photographers camped outside the hospital noticed the quick security sweep and an increased police presence nearby.


Apparently not. The patient — and unnamed source — told the entertainment site that "I was told it was a checkup." Now, if the royal baby isn't headed toward the light at the end of the birth canal, just what is Kate doing at the Lindo Wing?

Because Kate's two reported due dates: July 11 and July 13 have since passed, it's likely that she was at the hospital for a nonstress test. The noninvasive, no risk test is for both mom and baby and it evaluates the baby's well-being by measuring how his (her?) heart rates responds to movement. It's a way of fetal monitoring (a means to check on baby's well-being) — not a test to cure a problem or ensure that baby's born healthy. Typically performed at 28 weeks, women who have a nonstress test scheduled are usually those who've had post-term and high-risk pregnancies.

Early on in her pregnancy, Duchess Catherine was hospitalized for Hyperemesis Gravidarum  (severe morning sickness that can result in dehydration, dangerous weight loss, fatigue, fainting, headaches, a decrease in urination, low blood pressure and a rapid heart rate). Even though some women experience morning sickness at the beginning of their pregnancies, hyperemesis gravidarum (or HG) can last throughout your entire pregnancy.

For the nonstress test, a Doppler device is strapped to your tummy with a belt and then the device is attached to ultrasound transducers that measure baby's heart rate. It will also record baby's movements — but if baby doesn't move much, don't freak out! She might be sleeping. There's a buzzer-like device that the doctor will use (it's completely safe!) to create sound and vibration to wake baby up. They might even ask you to eat or drink something to get baby up and going.

The doctor needs baby to move so that baby's heart rate will quicken and so that they can monitor her health.

But here's an alternative take on it, just because. In case you've forgotten, Kate Middleton is going to birth a freakin' royal baby. I think the mum-to-be deserves to visit, meet with, tour and take in the sights around the hospital as often as she wants before she's in the thick of labor and begging for ice chips! There are no doubt countless security measures, procedures and credentials that will be needed to get family and high profile Royals into and out of the hospital after Kate delivers. There's no harm in double — and triple — checking that everything is in place and everything is scheduled to go according to plan. Once the contraction starts, those measures will be about the only thing she has control of!

What do you think? Did Kate head to Lindo for medical tests? Or is it all just a sham?