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Kate Winslet Didn’t Let An Earthquake Stop Her From Pumping Breast Milk (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 03/18/2014

We love  Kate Winslet  for a ton of reasons, but the ever-unapologetic and fearless mom of three's latest quip is a new level of awesome. The actress appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and spoke about what she was doing in LA yesterday morning when a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit California.

"I've never been in an earthquake. No, never," Kate said. "And so it's 6:20 something or other and I'm sitting in the hotel here in L.A. and I'm pumping because I have a 14-week-old baby [ Bear Blaze]. I'm here for 48 hours, so I couldn't bring him. It's too far — it's a 12-hour plane ride. And so I'm pumping, starting at my beautiful picture of my beautiful baby boy and my husband's on the other line and the room starts to shake. So, I said, 'I've got to go. I got to call you back.'

Kate said she hung up and ran into her room's door frame with her friend, but didn't need any comforting.

"I just carried on pumping through the whole entire thing. You know us girls! We just do it, don't we?" Kate said. "When you do it, you just do it!"

She's totally right — if you've got to pump through a natural disaster, so be it. The Oscar-winning actress was also asked by Ellen about her baby son's unusual name.

"A friend of mine when I was younger was nicknamed Bear and I just had always really loved it. And he was very much a bear. He was everyone's shoulder to cry on. He was a big bear hug, he was a great figure in my life and I just had always remembered him and so that's where it came from. And then Bear's second name is Blaze because my husband [Ned Rocknroll] and I met in a house fire basically. Well, we did!"

Referring to the fire on Richard Branson's Necker Island in 2011, Kate said, "The house burned down and we survived. But we wanted something of the fire and so Blaze was the name that we came up with."

Do you love Kate's son's name?

You can watch Kate discuss her son's name on Ellen below:

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