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Kerri Walsh Jennings Is Planning Another Natural Birth — Would You?

PUBLISHED ON 01/29/2013

This Olympian knows no pain — not even when it comes to childbirth! The three-time Olympic gold medalist and mom to two boys is planning another natural delivery for baby number 3 in April!

Taking a cue from her own mother who told Kerri that, "labor kind of hurts, but you're going to love it", Jennings plans to welcome her third the same way she did her first two. She said of the natural birth, "Having a natural childbirth just feels right to me; it doesn't feel like I'm forcing anything." When her mom, who carried five of her own children and three babies for her sister, said that Kerri would love childbirth, Kerri at first "thought she was delusional, but she was right." Sounds like mom really did know best, huh!?

And after the baby? Well, there's the 2016 Olympic Games to prepare for! She says, "It’s always been my dream in life to be a working mom and have this amazing career" and there's no stopping her — "My husband and I want to keep playing and go for the gold in Rio."

We'll be right there rooting her on!

Did you deliver naturally? Would you ever try it?

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