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Kevin Jonas Shares Wife Danielle’s First Pregnancy Craving (and It Sounds Delicious!)

PUBLISHED ON 07/26/2013

Even though he's a worldwide megastar, daddy-to-be Kevin Jonas is experiencing a lot of firsts lately. He and wife, Danielle , are preparing to welcome their first child together and Jonas is soaking up the overwhelming joy that comes with all those "firsts."

Speaking candidly to People, Kevin told the mag that experiencing the first ultrasound was definitely the moment when his wife's pregnancy became the most "real" to him. He said, "Hearing the heartbeat. It becomes a different thing.” The singer, songwriter and Married to Jonas TV star also told People that mommy-to-be Danielle is feeling much better after making it through her first trimester — and she's experiencing a few surprises of her own.

He said, "The nausea has finally subsided. Danielle’s feeling much better now in the last couple of days, which is a really big step. She’s not sick anymore.” As far as what she's been eating lately, Kevin told the mag, "Grapes. She can’t stop eating them — like nonstop." Aw! Sounds like mommy-to-be is experiencing her first craving (and it sounds delicious!).

Healthy cravings during pregnancy (for things sweet, good-for-you snacks like grapes, strawberries, melons and foods high in calcium and iron) leave mom-to-be feeling good about her choices during pregnancy. Snacks like pizza with hot sauce, double cheeseburgers and triple helpings of mac 'n cheese (though they all sound absolutely delicious and my mouth is watering just thinking about it) might leave you feeling yucky afterward.

What healthy snacks that other moms-to-be are craving?

"I have been craving milk since day one! Cheese and yogurt too!"

"This is so weird, but I've been craving fruit with salt on it. I never put salt on anything in my life. Now I want sorbet with salt. It's so bizarre. My husband thinks its hilarious. Pickles, tomatoes, and avacado everyday. Thank God I grow my own food or else I'd be going crazy. Salt on apples and strawberries? What's wrong with me?!"

"I'm pregnant with my second child and all I want to eat are Cuties (clementines). They're so delicious!"

"I crave watermelon constantly!"

"Salad and yogurt have been my cravings this week. I'm enjoying this while it lasts!"

"I crave bananas and peanut butter. I don't even really like bananas! I have had more bananas in the last 3 weeks then in the last 5 years!"

"I've been craving salads, those fruit pouches (for toddlers). My husband thinks it's hilarious when I go into the store and buy toddler snacks. I just can't help it. They're so good!"

"My healthy craving is fruit like apples and grapes. Basically any fruit that is pretty juicy. I brought four apples to work with me today!"

 "I've been craving cucumbers."

Sounds tasty!

What've you been craving since you found out you're pregnant?

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