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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reveal Baby’s Name (and You Won’t Believe It!)

PUBLISHED ON 06/21/2013

Shiver me timbers, y'all. The parents, who've tried to keep us guessing about baby's name all throughout Kim's pregnancy, have finally settled on a direction, err, a name. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly named their baby girl North West.  Earlier this morning, circa 5 a.m., mom and baby apparently left the hospital, which is incredible given that North West was born roughly 5 weeks prematurely.

But... back to the name of the hour.

In March, rumors started swirling that Kim and Kanye were planning to name their little bundle North, but the reality TV star was quick to quiet the gossip. She said on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that she and her rapper beau weren't planning on naming baby "North", but that she did like the name "Easton". The dynamic duo had us fooled for a minute into thinking that they wouldn't name their kid North but alas, they sure did shock the socks off me by actually naming their daughter North.

Yesterday, TMZ reportedly snagged details on baby's birth certificate which confirm that the couple did, in fact, choose North as their daughter's name — and guys, I can't and I won't with this one. I'm happy that baby is healthy after Kim delivered her prematurely but North West? Really? That's your daughter.

I'm a little bit torn because while I think the name North is unique and different and easy to pronounce, it's still North. I won't ever be able to refer to the heiress to the Kardashian-West throne without saying her full name. I mean, let's be real: would you ever be able to just say hot without saying dog if you wanted a hot dog? No, you wouldn't, hence why I'll never be able to talk about NW without saying her full moniker from start to finish.

It's the name of an airline provider, a bank provider, a life insurance and financial services provider, the name of an esteemed college outside of Chicago and a direction on a compass. It's not Kaidence Donda West, like we all thought it would be (as a tribute to Kanye's late mother, Donda, and a nod to the K-name tradition the Kardash krew started) and it's not Easton West, which is a relief because east 'n west really leads you nowhere.

I suppose I should keep saying North West until it really sinks in because at this point, I'm in a little state of shock. But! Here's the silver lining: Kim and Yeezus (which Ye has reportedly been calling himself and is the title of his latest album) plan to call their daughter "Nori" which I love. It's different, sweet, original (without being too over-the-top) and simple. Nori is also commonly used in sushi — as the seaweed wrap or a garnish in soup. Personally, I love sushi, too, so there's that.

Can you believe Kim and Kanye named their daughter North?

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