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What Baby Gear Was Kim Kardashian Spotted Shopping For In Paris?

PUBLISHED ON 05/22/2013

The very pregnant Kim Kardashian set sail for Paris (she called it her "final trip" before she can't fly anymore via Twitter) with mama Kris Jenner in tow. The girls, sans Kim's boyfriend, Kanye West , took in the sights and sounds around the darling city. But just because the reality TV star was abroad didn't mean there wasn't any time for shopping — or stocking up on baby items! She said on her personal blog that she and her mom "were doing some baby shopping and checking on our place here before heading to LA for a while." So what exactly did the mama-to-be scoop up on her trip?

Looks like our girl Kim was in full on nesting mode. The duo reportedly stumbled into Ovale, a high-end baby boutique in Paris that's specifically known for its "don't ask, don't tell" policy on baby's gender (and on leaking news to the press). The boutique specializes in gender-neutral clothing — lots of whites, ivories and creams! — and only fitting, it comes with a high price-tag.

Kim eyed Ovale's chic selection of mini silvery jewelry (again, no hints as to whether it's gems for baby boy or baby girl West) and this plush, oversized and handmade teddy bear. Not that I'm at all against the white decor, but here's hoping Kim has a heavy duty washer! Babies are not known for their clean habits — just their cute ones!

Here's the teddy that Kim was reportedly eying:

And it'll be absolutely perfect for the many mornings, afternoons and pre-bedtime play occasions that Kim, Yeezy and Kimbryo will have together! Hope Kim specifically ordered it right then and there, because it looks like the item has since sold out on the boutique's online store.

Are you surprised Kim is nesting?

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