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What Do You Think of Kim Kardashian’s Over-the-Top Baby Shower Invitations?

PUBLISHED ON 05/17/2013

In my heart of hearts, I want to give Kim Kardashian every benefit of the doubt that I can. But when I heard that Kiki invited every A-lister to her posh baby shower (supposedly slated for June 2, y'all) with personalized music boxes that, when opened, played Kanye's hit, "Hey Mama", complete with a wind-up balleria, I had to seriously rethink my criteria for cutting the star some slack.

I just have to ask: Kim, Kanye — are you two FORREAL? It's one thing to invite friends and fam and every other celebrity in the phonebook to your star-studded shower as a way to celebrate the impending arrival of baby Kimbryo, but it's a whole 'nother can of worms when your invite everyone like this. West's song, "Hey Mama" was the tribute track he wrote for his very own mama, the late Donda West, who passed away after complications following a cosmetic surgery treatment. Kanye's hit was (and is) a beautiful ode to the woman who helped make him into the man he is today (sans his all-around jerk-y disposition), who raised him, who believed in him — and who ultimately gave him the courage to go on with his life. It was a beautiful tribute to how much he loved his mom, how proud he was of her and how proud he was to be her son. In the early days, I actually got chills when I listened to the tune. It was beautiful, sweet and heartwarming — filled with everything Kanye West is not.

While I think it's cute that couple has opted to incorporate Kanye's mom into the festivities — I find the personalized music boxes and twirling ballerina to be a little tacky. Plus, the ballerina on top is practically icing on the cake: proof that the couple plans to welcome a baby girl to the picture in July. What happened to the plans the couple had previously made? To nix all presents so that friends and well-wishers would donate to charity instead? Now that was a great idea... and an idea that Kanye's mom would have probably been floored by. But I guess the invitations will match the over-the-top celebration that Kourtney and Khloe are reportedly planning for her.

Not for nothing, but Kim also plans to take their newborn baby on tour in October, when papa West heads out to promote his latest album. When Yeezy takes off three months after the reality star gives birth, Kim plans to travel along, baby in tow, and has apparently already made arrangements for cribs and soundproof rooms on every stop along the way. Not exactly what we had in mind for baby's first months of life — but I suppose when you're baby Kimbryo, you've got to be ready for anything, right?

Can you believe Kim sent invitations like this?