Kim Kardashian Bucks 'Etiquette' With Shower for Baby No. 3

It’s not like we expected her to have a sprinkle.
ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Nov 2017
Cherry blossom themed baby shower hosted by Kim Kardashian
Photo: Twitter

This weekend, the Kardashians had a lavish baby shower complete with an indoor forest of cherry blossoms. No, it wasn’t for either of the the rumored first-time moms-to-be Khloé or Kylie. It was in honor of Kim’s third baby, who she’s welcoming with Kanye West via surrogate.

Photo: Snapchat

The over-the-top affair raised some eyebrows among fans. Is it normal to have a baby shower for your third child? Typically, doesn’t etiquette call for one and done?

Not necessarily. In fact, a smaller baby shower for a second child is often referred to as a “sprinkle,” during which guests help replenish the parents’ baby supplies with the little extras (diapers, pacifiers), as opposed to the big-ticket basics they likely already have (a crib, a stroller).

Not everyone thought Kim needed this the third time around.

Some were a little more kind.

Still, others had theories. Maybe this was actually a joint baby shower.

Ultimately, we’ll never be able to keep up with the Kardashians. But Bumpies are on the same page as the family. You heard it here: Our users are all about celebrating each and every baby.

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