Photo of “Twin” Kindergarteners Is Going Viral for the Sweetest Reason

We can all learn a lot from these two.
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
November 7, 2019
two little boys reading together in classroom
Image: Tom & Dee Ann McCarthy

The innocence of children often allows them to view the world from a completely different lens—one that doesn’t fixate on the ways we may be different from one another. In some ways, adults could learn a thing or two from them. Mom Britney Tankersley experienced this lens first hand when her son, Myles, insisted he had found his twin at school.

Tankersley, who lives in Alabama, was annoyed (rightly so!) when her son Myles told her about his plan to match with his classmate for “Twin Day” at the last minute. Not only did she not have a matching outfit laying around, but she also didn’t know how to contact the classmate’s mom to coordinate. After an hour, she was able to track down the classmate’s mom and make a quick run to the Walmart in her town, buying two button-downs.

“He went on and on about how they looked exactly the same,” Tankersley told TODAY. “‘We both have brown eyes, we both have dark hair,’ and he was just adamant … so I head to Walmart and I’m like, irritated. I’m like, this is too late.”

Curious to see the resemblance for herself, she asked Myles’ teacher to take a picture of him with his twin and send it to her—but she wasn’t expecting the photo she got. “I was basically crying because it was so sweet,” Tankersley said. “Obviously, I know that they don’t look alike at all. But he didn’t see that, you know? I expect to get a picture of another white child with light skin and brown hair, whatever, but I didn’t get that at all. And I said ‘That is the sweetest thing in the whole world.’”

Tankersley shared the photo on her Facebook, where it quickly went viral. The image has over 490,000 likes, 261,000 shares and 49,000 comments. One person said, “Beautiful! And yes if people could realize were more alike than different, just skin color makes us look different! Amen love my kids!” while another person wrote, “Wonderful lesson taught by two beautiful little boys.”

Another person, still, commented, “Best post ever! Thank you for sharing! These little boys are going to be amazing men one day! Great job to all the parents and loved ones showing these young boys that kindness and love is all that matters!”

Myles and his twin, Tanner, are now best friends, as the pair live just a few minutes from each other. “All the teachers at school are so excited,” Tankersley told TODAY. “There’s always a lot of kids that dress up that don’t look alike, but this was unique. I was kind of put in my place because I was expecting to see something totally different, and that’s not what it was at all.”

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