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Kristen Bell Shows Off Her Pregnant Belly — And Her Pooch!

PUBLISHED ON 01/18/2013

Mommy-to-be Kristen Bell recently debuted her growing baby bump at the Golden Globes and this week the actress is baring even more of her pregnant belly!

She tweeted a photo today of her pup using her naked bump as a headrest! So much for taking a belly rest! Seems like her pregnancy has totally thrown her dog for a loop. In December, Bell tweeted a photo of her dog using her pregnancy pillow as his own and captioned it, "The thief absconded with my body pillow . . . then proceeded to act as though nothing was wrong." Sounds like her dog has a quite the sense of humor!

The mama-to-be captioned today's photo with, "Some people are more excited than others about the baby filling." And judging by how comfortable her dog looks, she's totally right! Ever since Kristen announced her pregnancy in November, we've been keeping up with her growing belly.

She recently joked that she's feeling "400 pounds-months pregnant" even though we think she's looking effortlessly gorgeous these days.

PHOTO: WhoSay / The Bump