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This New Device to Help Lactation Is a Game-Changer

A faster way to solve the painful plugged duct probelm.
PUBLISHED ON 08/24/2017

The thing about parenting gear is you don’t know how amazing it is until you really need it. So if you’re pregnant, we wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t totally blown away but this little device. But trust us: for breastfeeding moms, this lactation massager is going to be a game-changer.

The LaVie lactation massager is the first-ever milk expression aid. What that means: If you have painfully clogged ducts, this tool can unplug them and get your milk flowing again. It uses gentle vibrations to help break through blocked ducts, preventing an even more painful breastfeeding condition called mastitis and relieving engorgement.

According to lactation consultants, this invention was a long time coming.

“Whenever I saw a mom with plugged ducts I used to recommend using an electric toothbrush to help loosen the plug,” says Wendy Haldeman, RN, MN, IBCLC, a lactation consultant in Los Angeles. “The Lactation Massager has been a much more effective tool to help relieve the plugged ducts and restore milk flow.”

The trick is to pump or breastfeed right after you’ve used the LaVie—right when your milk has started flowing again. And if timing has thrown off your normal feeding schedule, the LaVie can help get things back on track.

“If I happen to go longer than three hours between pumping sessions, my breasts always get very hard and heavy,” one mom says. “The lactation massager helps push out the milk and relieve the pain."

Want to try it for yourself? Buy it here for $35.