A Savvy Mom Pieced Together the Perfect Lego Cleaning Trick

This Hack to Clean Legos is a Lifesaver.
ByNatalie Neusch
Contributing Writer
Nov 2017
Child holding legos
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They’re the familiar little colorful construction bricks that have been around for decades and can be found in children’s playrooms worldwide. Legos are synonymous with castles, cities, spaceships—and more importantly, children’s imaginations. While these toys are a cornerstone of playtime, they’re diminutive size and unique shape also make them notoriously hard to clean.

Sticky Legos are such a pandemic in toy-sanitation circles—and in germaphobe parents’ worst nightmares—that even the Lego company itself provides an instructional how-to on their website about how to clean the curious blocks. Reddit users united and created a thread to crowd-source information on the subject.

But clean-minded moms, worry no more, as your prayers have been answered. Hand-washing hundreds of individual legos has become a thing of the past since this mom found an easy, free, and totally timesaving solution.

The savvy blogger mom living outside of Dallas, TX, decided to conduct a little experiment when faced with a heap of the soiled toys:

“I decided to give the washing machine a shot. I figured this could be dangerous, but I’d keep a close eye on it just to see how it did. I put all the legos into a large laundry bag, gave them a good shake, and dropped them into the washer full of hot water and a bit of soap.”

In fact, another mom decided to give it a try, and reported on the results: “All you need is a wash bag for delicaes (you might have one of these that you use for pretty undies or just underwire bras that you don’t want to wreck your washing machine). Then just plop the Lego into the wash bag, put it into the washing machine and set it to a low temperature (I use the delicates/wool cycle on my machine) and voila; squaky clean Lego.”

Both moms suggest letting the pieces air-dry, a process that could last several days. And it seems that the trend has commercially caught on, as you can buy a special “toy block washing” bag on Amazon.

Also, it’s worth the warning “that you should never place electric LEGO parts, parts with batteries, or LEGO tires in the washing machine.” Amen!

A Savvy Mom Pieced Together the Perfect Lego Cleaning Trick

Natalie Neusch
Contributing Writer