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Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant!

PUBLISHED ON 02/13/2014

If you grew up listening to "Crush On You" and hoping that music would always be that good, I've got some great news for you:  Lil' Kim is pregnant! The mistress of rap shared the news with Us Weekly, saying "I'm so excited! I'm a few months along, I can't wait to be a mom." At this point, Kim has chosen to keep the identity of her baby's father out of the spotlight.

Ever the diva, the mom-to-be made the announcement at The Blonds Fashion Week after-party. She said, "I'm a mom, but I can turn it up a little!" And just because she's pregnant, don't expect the star to pump the breaks on her career. "I'm still going to work," she told Us, adding, "I'm still going to be hardcore. The baby has made me even more of a beast!"

And though the rapper has had rocky history, the 39-year-old mom-to-be made sure to thank one very special person: the Notorious B.I.G. She told the crowd, "It's also going to be Biggie's birthday and the anniversary of his death soon so we love you," while rubbing her belly.

Mama-to-be is still mum on the baby's gender, but here's hoping she welcomes a baby girl who can sing and stun just as much as her famous mama!

How did you announce you were expecting?