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Lil Kim’s Baby’s Name Couldn’t Be Any More Regal

PUBLISHED ON 06/10/2014

There's been a slew of not-too-crazy celebrity baby names announced recently: Oliver Finlay, Alijah Mary and Future Zahir, for instance. However, did you really expect Lil' Kim to play it safe?

The rapper is now the newest celebrity to give her newborn a name that's leaving us scratching our heads and wondering if Prince George isn't the tiniest bit jealous.

The new mom gave birth to a six-pound, five-ounce little princess yesterday morning at 9:58 a.m. at the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey and named her Royal Reign , according to Us Weekly. She measured 19-and-a-half inches long.

Now I know why Kim asked her fans to purchase two $8,000 strollers for Royal from her baby registries. How could a newborn named Royal Reign possibly only have one stroller? Those stroller wheels better be made of gold!

To be fair, she did give us all a little head's up when she tweeted on May 8,"Can’t wait for my NYC Royal Baby Shower this weekend thrown by the one & only @davidtutera! #royalbabyshower #queenbeelilbee #DavidTutera."

Are you surprised that Lil' Kim named her baby girl Royal Reign?